Steam Deck – ProtonUp-Qt / Proton-GE

With ProtonUp-Qt you can download new Proton-GE versions and install them automatically, among other things, in Steam.

Here you can find the newest Proton-GE releases and the changelog of them: Releases · GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom · GitHub

Benefits of Proton-GE

  • Faster updates
  • vk3d3d / dxvk lastest git updates
  • Vanilla version of WINE
  • If you have problems with movie rendering in game or at the start, ProtonGE can fix it because of FFmpeg and FAduio enabled
  • all Proton patches
  • In some cases the Game runs with ProtonGE but not with Proton

Steam Deck – ProtonUp-Qt – Install

The installation can done in the package manager „Discover“. Just search for „Proton“ and click on „ProtonUp-Qt“ and select „install“:

Steam Deck – ProtonUp-Qt – Install Proton-GE

You can find ProtonUp-Qt in the Application menu:

Than you can click on „Add version“, select „Proton-GE“ and select the lastest version. In my case it was GE-Proton7-16. Now you can click on „Install“ and ProtonUp-Qt install the new Proton runner automatically in Steam.

You can find the new Proton version at this directory:

  • Home/.steam/steam/compatibilitytools.d

Steam Deck – ProtonUp-Qt – Select Proton-GE in you Steam game

Now you have to shutdown Steam and start it again. Now you can set the new Proton-GE version:

Steam Deck – Enable SSH

With SSH you can connect with Putty directly from your computer to the console of the Steam Deck. This way you can execute commands more easily because you don’t have to use the on-screen keyboard.

If you don´t set a password for the Steam Deck account, please do it first:

All commands have to enter in the „Konsole“. You can find the „Konsole“ in the „Applications“ menu.

Steam Deck – Enable SSH – One time

If you want to start SSH only once (does not start automatically after a reboot), then you can run the following command;

sudo systemctl start sshd

Steam Deck – Enable SSH – Autostart

If you want to start the SSH service automatically when restarting the Steam Deck, then you can enable this as follows:

sudo systemctl enable sshd