Steam Deck – ProtonUp-Qt / Proton-GE

With ProtonUp-Qt you can download new Proton-GE versions and install them automatically, among other things, in Steam.

Here you can find the newest Proton-GE releases and the changelog of them: Releases · GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom · GitHub

Benefits of Proton-GE

  • Faster updates
  • vk3d3d / dxvk lastest git updates
  • Vanilla version of WINE
  • If you have problems with movie rendering in game or at the start, ProtonGE can fix it because of FFmpeg and FAduio enabled
  • all Proton patches
  • In some cases the Game runs with ProtonGE but not with Proton

Steam Deck – ProtonUp-Qt – Install

The installation can done in the package manager „Discover“. Just search for „Proton“ and click on „ProtonUp-Qt“ and select „install“:

Steam Deck – ProtonUp-Qt – Install Proton-GE

You can find ProtonUp-Qt in the Application menu:

Than you can click on „Add version“, select „Proton-GE“ and select the lastest version. In my case it was GE-Proton7-16. Now you can click on „Install“ and ProtonUp-Qt install the new Proton runner automatically in Steam.

You can find the new Proton version at this directory:

  • Home/.steam/steam/compatibilitytools.d

Steam Deck – ProtonUp-Qt – Select Proton-GE in you Steam game

Now you have to shutdown Steam and start it again. Now you can set the new Proton-GE version: